7 लिटिल शू गलतियाँ जो आपके पैर को मार रही हैं

यदि जूता फिट बैठता है, तो इसे पहनें - लेकिन केवल अगर यह सही आकार का है, तो इसके पास पर्याप्त समर्थन है, और यह खराब नहीं हुआ है।

आप उन जूतों की जगह नहीं लेते, जो एड़ी से नीचे पहनने वाले हैं

Have you ever noticed that one side of the bottom of your sneaker’s heel can be more worn-down than the other after a couple months of use? It’s a very normal phenomenon, according to Jane Pontious, chair of the department of podiatric surgery at Temple University. Your heel, positioned directly below your body, supports all of your weight. We all walk slightly differently, so it makes sense that some people may lean more on one side of the shoe than the other. However, that doesn’t make it healthy for the your foot and ankle to be put in this imbalanced position in the long term. People will look at the sneaker and say, ‘Well, it’s new,’ and I’ll say, ‘Look at the heel. You’re no longer standing normally, so you have to replace it

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